Collaborative Strategy, Planning and Improvement
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Our mission is to support people, organisations and communities to thrive

We seek to release individual and organisational potential. We do this by:

  • In the workplace – Building collaborative and impactful ways of working; creating value for all stakeholders and improving quality of life
  • In the community – Building mutually supportive and life enhancing ways of living
  • Creating enabling structures for all the above.

We provide three distinct, but often overlapping, strands of service:

a) Helping organisations deliver outcomes, implement change and develop new strategies – Bringing strategy and projects to life

b) Helping people develop themselves; their work, their wellbeing, & quality of life – Enlivening people’s life and work

c) Building collaboration, community & enabling structures for making things happen – Supporting people, organisations and communities to thrive

We do this through consultancy, training, coaching, interim and project management. 

We are behind the following initiatives:

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