Collaborative Strategy, Planning and Improvement
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What we do

We can help with:

  • Developing strategy, change management, team building, collaborative working, business improvement, stakeholder engagement, empowering people
  • Supporting people to take on work and life challenges and develop skills and strategies to rise to current and future challenges – and respond to opportunities 
    • shop floor to executive coaching, 
    • coaching, courses & facilitated mutual support for people with mental health issues, & young people, 
    • adventurous sport and expedition coaching – empowering young, old and special needs and helping people to apply these skills into wider life and work

We have expertise in a wide range of approaches including co-operative strategic, operational and project management (lean, agile, BPR/M, TQM, JIT, etc), information and performance frameworks, and emerging approaches to organisation and organisational effectiveness. 

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