Collaborative Strategy, Planning and Improvement
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Our Work

Our portfolio includes four distinct, but often overlapping, strands of service. We outline them here with examples of assignments:

  1. Facilitating collaborative strategic and operational management, change management and building organisational capability. For example,  building collaborative management and improvement processes
    • at a 40 person software development company – leading to a 400% increase in profit –
    • at a GP Out of Hours Service – achieving PCT targets for 1 st time and becoming an exemplar for the PCT – &
    • founding the Civil Society Forum & facilitating 40 plus cross sector forums (see below).

“The board is very very impressed by what has been achieved” Medical Director 

  1. Coaching, training and facilitation on how to address work & life challenges in life enhancing ways
    • Executive / work coaching, facilitation, project and interim management
    • ‘Time to Thrive’ courses, individual and group life and wellbeing coaching
    • Facilitation of Mutual Support Groups – in the community and companies
    • Adventurous education
    • ‘Building wellbeing creating organisations and communities’ – consultancy, training and facilitation

[insert coaching endorsement – BSSL?]

Through the course I made a 180 degree turn in my life

  1. Designing joined up approaches to multi-disciplinary, multi-agency challenges and other complex challenges (and building consortia to address them)

For example,

    • Setting up and directing the NHS Local Support Service; supporting NHS Trusts and whole health communities develop information frameworks and decision-making processes for management and improvement of their services and care pathways. The service was subsequently sold to Dr Foster Intelligence. “This project was the catalyst for changing the culture of performance management within the Trust.” Director of Service Improvement.
    • Facilitating establishment of virtual team working between national health and social care agencies to identify and address information requirements to implement National Service
    • Frameworks for Long Term Conditions, Children and Maternity Services & Mental Health. Plus recruitment and coordination of 8 providers so support the work. – successfully gaining immediate government Gateway approval (which is rare)

“What a journey! I aspire to this way of working” Divisional Head, Health & Social Care Information Centre.

  1. Design and facilitation of group strategic thinking an learning on collaborative and systemic approaches to organisational and societal challenges.
    • Co-formation of ‘Zest’ group; vision ‘to help build a social movement towards self-nurturing community, based on self care, mutual support & person-centred services in & around Southampton’
    • Founder of the Civil Society Forum. Hosting of 40 plus collaborative think tank forums including on ‘how to adjust our ways of working to better serve the common good’, ‘delivering more with less’, plus forum on ‘how can we enhance the wellbeing of our community in Totnes.

○ Expertise includes: how to adjust our ways of working to release more of our individual and collective resourcefulness & better serve the common interests, wealth and wellbeing, & the practicalities of collaborative working & systemic approaches to change.

“The was the most well-organised, results oriented event I have been to in years. The quality of conversation was amongst the best I’ve seen in the world. I have learnt a lot about running successful events from you. ” Economist, Chair of Centre for Global Negotiations (& The Global Commons Trust)“.

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